Alibaba wants Spanish brands to enter its platform We can be one of

Alibaba , the e-commerce giant founded in 1999 by Jack Ma in the Chinese city of Hangzhou, has been bidding. Forcefully for the Spanish market for some time. A year ago , the news broke that the corporate group that includes companies such as AliExpress was looking for a piece of land in Spain with the aim of establishing its first large logistics center in the country and thus being able to compete with Amazon, its main rival . At the end of November 2022, Alibaba further increased its commitment to e-commerce in Spain. And launched Miravia , a marketplace that only Spanish. Consumers could access , focused on younger generations and that proposed innovative. Alternatives such as the possibility of trying on a makeup using the front camera of the mobile phone. “I can’t tell you the number, but the largest European team is based in Spain.

Cipriani is in charge of coordinating the operations

We have offices in London, France, Germany, Italy and Amsterdam, but the largest team. Is in Spain,” says Rodrigo Cipriani , general director of the group. Alibaba for Southern Europe, in an interview with Business Insider Spain .  of the Alibaba group – which is made up of companies such as AliExpress , Tmall Global , Miravia itself – in countries such  as Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Last month, Alibaba’s director for Southern Europe presented an Japan Mobile Number Database agreement with DHL Express by which both companies claimed to join together to promote electronic commerce for Spanish SMEs . “We have 40 million buyers from more than 150 countries” Miguel Borrás, general director of DHL Express Spain (left), with Rodrigo Cipriani, general director of the Alibaba. Group in Southern Europe.

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Alibaba is that it offers brands total freedom

Miguel Borrás, general director of DHL Express Spain (left), with Rodrigo Cipriani, general director. Of the Alibaba group in Southern Europe.Courtesy of Alibaba. The general director of the Alibaba group for Southern Europe has extensive experience in the company. Cipriani relates that, when he joined the company, he was in charge of opening the Southern Georgia phone number list Europe office in Milan and Madrid in 2015, at which time Alibaba decided to start its internalization process . The senior executive defends that a differentiating. Factor of  on its platforms to set issues such as price, product, discounts or logistics: “This is very important because it allows organizations. To build their brands and have a direct connection with end consumers”. “We have 1.3 billion consumers , 85% of them under 35 years of age, that is, a very young generation,” says Cipriani.

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