Binance responds to lawsuit for “numerous violations” of the law

Commenting on this, the CEO of Binance has emphasized that they are committed to transparency and cooperation. With regulators and law enforcement in the US and around the world. Binance transferred funds from its clients for its own purposes, in a move similar to that of FTX Binance, he detailed, “currently has more than 750 people in our Compliance teams, many of them with previous experience in regulatory and law enforcement agencies .” To date, “we have handled more than 55,000 requests from law enforcement and have helped them freeze/seize more than €115. million ($125 million at current exchange rates) in funds in 2022 alone, and €147.93 million euros (160 million dollars) so far in 2023,” he indicated. 90-day rule for employees not to trade cryptocurrencies.

Our income is in cryptocurrencies

The compensation of property losses due to operations with cryptoassets, according to Expansión . For the 2023 income campaign , the Treasury classifies these assets as “homogeneous assets” . This means that there is now a limit for its repurchase of 2 months or 1 year in order to benefit from the capital loss in personal income tax. How to deduct your rent in your 2023 income tax return: these are the requirements for tenants and owners It must Chile Mobile Number Database be taken into account that traders who operate with cryptocurrencies want to obtain short-term profits, and this limitation prevents them from being able to immediately compensate for financial losses . of property losses with cryptocurrencies Until now, the Treasury allowed losses to be offset even if operations with cryptoassets were carried out in short periods of time. With this change, traders are equated with investors.


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They have developed best-in-class technology to ensure compliance

In this way, a taxpayer who has suffered losses with his cryptoasset operations. Will not be able to pay less taxes using the profits obtained, unless a certain period of time elapses before doing so. This regulatory change comes from an administrative. Doctrine of the General Directorate of Taxes (DGT), which in 2018 analyzed the effects on the personal income tax Afghanistan phone number list of taxpayers who compensated for property losses in cryptocurrency operations. The doctrine already pointed out that these currencies. Have the nature of homogeneous goods, so they should not be able to compensate for losses immediately. Due to this modification, the right to compensation is postponed until the securities are no longer in the patrimonial sphere. The Treasury measure is more important than it may seem, since in 2022 many taxpayers had losses. With their cryptocurrencies , as the value of these currencies fell.

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