How to apply the disability reduction in the income tax return: these are the requirements

The income tax return begins on April 11 and ends on June 30. Although there is a fairly wide margin to complete the procedure, it is advisable to get started as soon as possible in case errors or problems arise. Some taxpayers have things quite clear and do not need a guide for filing their income tax . However, others are in a special situation and must clarify doubts about the deductions to which they are entitled and other aspects. This may be the case of taxpayers who have some type of disability, especially with regard to the exempt minimum in the income tax return. There is an exempt minimum in personal income tax that is intended to cover basic and personal needs. This represents a greater tax saving depending on the degree of disability. Can you lose the minimum vital income if you travel abroad during Easter.

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Now it is easier to benefit from the exempt minimum. This is how the Supreme Court facilitates access to the minimum for disability.  The main change that the Supreme Court brings is that, from now on, taxpayers with disabilities. Will be able to justify their situation with medical reports that prove their dependence.. The reports that point out this handicap are enough, which serve as accreditation until official notification arrives. The ruling refers Czech Republic Mobile Number Database  to the case of a person who had a degree of disability of 77% and to whom the minimum personal income tax was applied to the income. Since he did not yet have the Imserso certificate, he used the medical reports to prove it. Does SEPE aid count as a second payer in the income tax return? This is how having received unemployment affects you.

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The ruling warns that the European Court of Human

The Treasury’s argument supposes “an evident restriction of the fundamental right to use the relevant means of proof, in relation. To the existence of a reality (disability), with respect to which the Administration is obliged to show a determined commitment. To protection and guarantee “, according to the Supreme Court. Finally, Rights requires “a balance or fair balance between the safeguarding of the interests of the community and respect for the rights and freedoms of these people.” How the exempt minimum income is applied to you depending on Belarus phone number list the degree of disability If you have a disability and are going to apply the exempt minimum to your income, you should know that you can do so even if you do not have certification; Only medical reports proving the disability are sufficient.


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