El Corte Inglés will transfer 2,100 office employees to its stores

El Corte Inglés will carry out a transfer plan for its office employees. With the aim of “reinforcing” its stores and “improving customer service.” The strategy, agreed this Monday night, the 27th, with the unions, involves the reorganization of part. Of its workforce and will affect 2,100 workers in the central and regional administrative services , who will be assigned to commercial establishments. Of them, up to 630 workers (30% of the total affected) will have the possibility of benefiting from an incentivized sick leave plan , as long as they are 59 years old or older (turned on June 30, 2023), Europa Press publishes . The measure, according to the Spanish retail giant, seeks to “strengthen the stores to address the good evolution of sales and thereby improve customer service and attention.

The complex path to rejuvenate its clientele by 10 years without giving

The modernization and development of processes and systems experienced in recent times has led to an optimization of management models, which, in the case of our company, translates into the need to reorganize central services to enhance establishments. “explains the company in a press release after the agreement reached. According to this, the “two Brazil Mobile Number Database premises” on which the agreement is based consist of the maintenance of employment and “a special treatment of voluntary separation for people with more seniority”, most of them with “a long employment relationship” with the company. El Corte Inglés has not given details for now about the economic conditions that people who take advantage of the incentivized leave plan will have, but points out that ” those who meet the requirements agreed with the representation may join voluntarily” and “under more favorable conditions.


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During the negotiation with the unions, the distribution

The change in the income tax return that will harm all cryptocurrency users. Enrique Fernandez Mar 28 2023 woman reviews her investments. The Treasury has imposed a limit on cryptocurrency operations in the 2023 income tax return. The Tax Agency qualifies cryptoassets as “homogeneous assets”, establishing a limit of 2 months. Or one year for their repurchase, so losses cannot be compensated immediately. The 2023 income tax return Argentina phone number list campaign begins on April 11 and ends on June 30 . Taxpayers must be attentive to all tax news that will affect them. Some of the most important changes. Are the reduction of the contribution to pension plans, which goes from 2,000 to 1,500 euros.  The extension of the maternity deduction , which reaches mothers who do not carry out. Professional activity, or the modifications in the personal income tax of some autonomous communities.

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