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Customers will want to see when they visit your page. Customize the URL by going to General Settings and clicking Edit next to Username . Pin a post on your Business page Choose a post. You want featured on the page and pin it. It could be a special offer, a new product announcement or. A greeting to new visitors. Pin a post on your Facebook Business page by clicking the pin icon on. The post you want to pin. After following the steps above, you’re ready to launch and grow an engaging. Facebook Business Page that engages your audience and increases revenue.

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You should take advantage of some of the final  you take advantage of. Customize your tabs on the Business page To manage tabs, navigate. A great to your site management dashboard and select. More > Manage sections . Choose the most relevant tabs to display on your. Facebook page, depending on your industry. For example, you can choose to hide or show reviews. Or hide tabs like “Music,” “Sports,” and “Check-in,” which may not be necessary for a business page. Create a custom URL for your Business page. Custom URLs will make your Facebook page look much more authentic.

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You can customize this button to direct visitors to your website, make an appointment, or .  Action buttons can help increase conversions Benin phone number list from a business’s Facebook Business Page.  See the steps below to learn how to add a video.  From your Page, click the button with the dash, then click the. Add Page Button . Select a button from the list of options, then click Next . Follow the on-screen instructions and click Save . Chi Doanh guides on creating a Facebook Business Page – Facebook Business Page. Customize CTA buttons for your business Facebook Page 5. Complete the final steps for your Facebook. Business page You’re almost done creating your. Business Page and ready to start creating exciting posts.

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