Mysterious underwater object found next to the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline may offer clues to who was behind the sabotage

Denmark has invited the Russian-controlled operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline to help recover a mysterious object. That has been detected near it, 6 months after possible sabotage caused the infrastructure to explode. Russian President Vladimir pipeline may offer Putin has indicated that several experts agree that the object could be an antenna used to operate explosives remotely , according to the AFP news agency. For its part, the Danish energy agency believes that it is “possible” that the object is actually a smoke buoy , which “does not pose any immediate security risk,” the same source reports. Images of the mysterious object came to light last Thursday, after an inspection of the wreckage of the Nord Stream, Reuters reported . Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov believes it is a positive sign that Denmark has invited Gazprom.

The Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines

It is certainly positive that the owner of the gas pipeline is invited to take. Part in very important phases of the investigation,” Peskov said, as quoted by Reuters . “It is crucial to determine what type of object it is, and if it can be related to this terrorist attack – as it appears pipeline may offer to be – and continue the investigation. An investigation that must be transparent ,” emphasized the Russian government spokesperson. In recent months, Russia has been especially critical for not being allowed to take part in these investigations. Denmark has explained that it cannot begin Portugal Mobile Number Database recovery operations for the remains until it has a response from the owner , according to AFP . Gazprom, while the rest of the shareholding is Mysterious underwater object distributed by German, Dutch and French companies.

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Russia has the majority ownership of the giant

It is still not known who is behind the sabotage , and Russia in recent months has. Accused the United States and the United Kingdom without evidence. Reports suggest that a pro-Ukrainian group may be behind the attack, Western intelligence reports suggest. Kremlin spokesman Peskov dismissed those reports as a distraction “from the perpetrators of the attack.” Ukraine, for its part, has denied being involved in any way with the attack.  transport natural El Salvador phone number list gas from Russia to Germany, and were not operating at the time of the attack due to disputes between Russia and the European Union.In many Sometimes, prices are also formed without public information to support them. BBVA also reviews the main reasons that move Mysterious underwater object  pipeline may offer the price of cryptocurrencies . Are these: Low adoption : Mass adoption, they point out, would help regulate the price, but it seems that.



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