These are the retirees who can claim part of their pension from the Treasury: they will recover 650 euros for each fiscal year

A ruling from the Supreme Court forces the Tax Agency to return personal income tax payments to certain pensioners. The beneficiaries will be the workers in the banking sector who started in this activity before 1979 . The majority are pensioners over 70 years of age who have been paying income tax higher than what corresponds to their pension, according to Cinco Días. The Supreme Court ruling indicates that the average refund.  Will be 650 euros for each fiscal year in which they have paid more taxes. To this we must add the period of 2022, still to be declared in this year’s income , and the last non-prescribed years. This is because the contributions are taxed. As income from work at 75%, and not at 100% as was previously the case. The formula to collect 100% of what corresponds to you, even if you have contributed.

Those affected will have to request reimbursement

Those who have litigated before will have the option of benefiting from the refund from the exercise of the lawsuit. If you started working in the banking sector before 1979 and have been paying more personal income tax than your pension corresponded to, you are entitled to this refund. You should know how to get your money back.  from the Treasury The refund of taxes that you have paid more will not be carried out automatically. It is the taxpayers Poland Mobile Number Database  who have to submit a claim to the Treasury to receive the money , as sources from the Tax Agency explain to Cinco Días. Tax advisor Jesús Calonge warns the same media that the Treasury will not include the effects of the Supreme Court ruling in its drafts. In this way.

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Our goal that first weekend was to get the support

The ruling applies to those who paid personal income tax to. The Tax Agency and also to those who did so in the Provincial Treasury. The Supreme Court ruling changes the criteria of the Central Economic-Administrative Court, which applied.  To the benefit for contributions made to the banking mutual society between 1967 and 1978.  Of as many customers as possible. If they supported us, that would help send a signal to the Fed or the FDIC to intervene in some Austria phone number list way. And they did it. On Sunday, when the Federal Reserve announced, “We’re going to compensate depositors ,” it came as a huge sigh of relief to private equity firms trying to make payroll. Many clients had told us that they would have to close or cover their payrolls through loans with personal guarantee. Customers were expected to be furious, because their money and operations were blocked.

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