4 banks have collapsed in less than a month: this is what Jerome Powell

In less than a month, Silicon Valley Bank , Silvergate , Signature Bank and Credit. Suisse have collapsed, while shares of US regional banks continue to falter. And on Friday, Deutsche Bank slumped as investors priced in rising default risks, highlighting continued unrest around the banking system. Experts have pointed to the Federal Reserve’s aggressive rate hikes  over the past year as one of the causes of the turmoil . But central banks around the world have raised rates further amid pressure to balance the fight against inflation with efforts to stabilize the banking sector. Financial crisis: are our savings safe? This is what some of the leading commentators have said about the turbulence. Jerome Powell Following the announcement of a 25 basis point rate hike, the head of the Federal Reserve (Fed) noted that all depositors’ savings are safe.

He also acknowledged that if credit tightens in the banking

Adding that the US banking system is “strong and resilient.” “History has shown that isolated banking problems, if not addressed, can undermine confidence in healthy banks and threaten the ability of the banking system as a whole to play its vital role in Guangdong Mobile Number List  supporting the savings and credit needs of homes and businesses,” he noted. sector and slows the overall economy, the Fed may not have to do as much later with what Jerome Powell monetary policy by raising interest rates. Nouriel Roubini In a recent interview on the McKinsey Global Institute’s Forward Thinking podcast, Roubini, who predicted. The 2008 recession, said another financial crisis could be coming. He cited high interest rates, declining liquidity and a large. Debt burden as stresses that will put pressure on the economy.

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The billionaire boss of Tesla and Twitter sees danger

It’s like a Bermuda triangle. Income, the value of assets and the burden of financing liabilities are affected. And then you end up in a situation of distress if you are a household or a highly leveraged company. And when many of they have these Romania phone number list problems, then a systemic household debt crisis occurs like that of he warned. Elon Musk  for the US economy if the Federal Reserve does not contain the crisis among what Jerome Powell regional banks. Earlier this week, financial blog Zero Hedge claimed on Twitter that failures of smaller banks could lead to another Great Depression. “It’s a serious risk ,” Musk responded on Twitter. In another tweet, he stated that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.  Should provide unlimited deposit coverage to stop bank avalanches.

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