When unemployment is collected in April: this is the date on which the SEPE makes the payment

In the month of March there have been good employment data in Spain: Social Security has advanced an increase of 146,000 employed people. This trend means that job creation is heading for the best quarter in history , and all this despite an unfavorable context, with the war in Ukraine and rising prices. To this we must add the increase in permanent contracts , which stand at a 22% increase. The latter is a sign of the effects of the latest labor reform , whose objective is to combat temporary employment. Although the data is positive, it should be noted that there are still close to 3 million unemployed in Spain , according to the latest employment data . This is the deadline to request unemployment from SEPE: if you delay you will lose money People who cannot find work depend on SEPE unemployment benefits to make ends meet. This is even more important in times when inflation affects consumers’ purchasing power.

The SEPE always makes the deposit between

To better plan your finances, it is important to know what date unemployment is collected in April . This way you can calculate when you will receive the money and how to spend it. When is unemployment collected in April? Unemployment income is monthly in arrears. the 10th and 15th of each month, so on this occasion you will have it between Monday the Tunisia Mobile Number Database 10th and Saturday the 15th. In Catalonia, the Valencian Community and the Balearic Islands, April 10 is a holiday , since it is Easter Monday. This should not affect the timeliness of entry. Just before Holy Week is celebrated. You must take this into account so as not to suffer financial problems before collecting unemployment, especially if you are going to take a trip. How much do you earn while unemployed? During the first 180 days of unemployment you will receive 70% of the regulatory base.

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The amounts have been like this Minimum amount

From this moment it is reduced to 60%. The minimum time granted by the SEPE to collect unemployment is 4 months . This is what you will have if you have contributed between 360 and 539 days. There is also a maximum: no one can Morocco phone number list exceed 2 years in a row receiving unemployment benefits. Remember that unemployment has risen in 2023 due to inflation . : 560 euros per month. Minimum amount with one child or more: 749 euros per month. Maximum amount without children: 1,225 euros per month. Maximum amount with one child : 1,400 euros per month. Maximum amount with 2 children or more: 1,575 euros per month. This increase has been applied so that people who cannot find work suffer less from the effects of inflation.


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