Binance hid its ties to China and instructed its employees to hide 

If you analyze the succession of news about Binance in recent weeks, it seems difficult. For the largest exchange in the world to emerge unscathed. First was the complaint by the United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission for, literally, “numerous violations” of the law. And now, an exclusive from the Financial Times (FT) claims that Changpeng Zhao’s (CZ) platform hid its links with China for years . Employees asked who said Binance had no office in China According to various internal documents, to which the aforementioned media has had access, CZ and other company executives instructed their employees to hide the company ‘s presence in China.

It is unexpected and disappointing” According to reporting

Something that happened after the company itself announced its departure from the Asian country at the end of 2017, after the tightening of Chinese legislation on cryptocurrencies . “We no longer publish our office addresses… people in China can directly say that our office is not in this country ,” Zhao recommended in an internal company messaging India Mobile Number Database group in 2017. Binance responds to lawsuit for “numerous violations” of the law: ” the FT , workers were told in 2018 that their salaries would be paid through a Shanghai bank. A year later they were summoned to an office located in China to attend a session on taxes. Another worker received instructions about recruiting members for the Binance team in China.

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This news comes just a few days after the United States

Weeks later, a mid-level employee recommended that others not wear. Clothing or accessories with company logos in or around the offices. In addition, they assert in the FT , an office in Shanghai was used for training sessions. In fact, in a message from November 2019, an employee indicated that they had many employees who were not from Shanghai, but Honduras phone number list who came to the Shanghai office frequently, and that it would be inappropriate to exclude them from the team. The United States complaint against Binance ‘ lawsuit against Binance for “numerous violations” of the law was made public . Among other accusations, the lawsuit accused Binance of advising its clients. In the United States (especially VIPs) on how to evade the company’s own controls. A Spanish court investigates Binance for misappropriation The plaintiffs also noted that “the defendants’ emails reflect that Binance.


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