These are the employees who will be able to get up to 12 years of teleworking

The Government has approved the new Family Law. This standard expands the rights of workers in matters of conciliation. One of the main novelties is that the aid of 100 euros per child will reach more families. This check can be collected by parents of children up to 3 years old , regardless of their income level. But this is not the only important measure: there are other aspects to take into account, such as the equation of common-law couples with marriage in some senses, changes in sick leave and the possibility of getting more teleworking time. Teleworking is making employees feel like college students again: they play.  In the afternoon and work at night This last aspect is one of the most popular of the Family Law, since it allows many professionals to benefit from it and facilitate conciliation. Below is a detail of which professionals can request teleworking.

De facto couples are equated to marriage

Up to 12 years of teleworking to care for a child Teleworking is one of the tools that can most promote conciliation, which is why the new Family Law reinforces it. The rule modifies the Workers’ Statute to include the right of employees to request up to 12 years of teleworking, as explained by El Economista. This right will be for those who have children, since the Malaysia Mobile Number Database measure is aimed at family conciliation until the minors turn 12 years old. Employers have 15 days to respond to the request. If they deny it, they have to offer an alternative that favors conciliation.  De facto couples are equivalent to marriages in some rights. For example, people who maintain this union will also enjoy 15 days off from work. In addition, they will have 5 days for illness or hospitalization of the partner or second-degree relatives.

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Companies may dismiss employees only if there

Another right that is established is that of collecting a widow’s pension upon the death of one’s spouse. To do this, it will be mandatory that the de facto couple be formalized 2 years before death. This is how sick leave, leaves of absence and dismissals remain The Family Law also brings significant. New developments in matters such as sick leave, leaves of absence and dismissals. On this last point, the Workers’ Statute declares null and void the dismissals Ecuador phone number list of pregnant employees from the beginning of the pregnancy until the end of the leave.  is an objective justification. Regarding leaves of absence, the right to request up to 2 years of leave to care for a spouse, common-law partner or up to a second-degree family member due to accident, illness or disability is approved. An important novelty is that the period of leave counts as seniority.

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