Living on a cruise ship or paying the mortgage, which is cheaper?

Fresh breeze, smell of salt and stops in dream cities and sunny coasts. When you travel on a cruise you can imagine spending your entire life sailing the seas. But there are people who turn that dream into reality and decide to move to live aboard one of these floating cities. But it can not only be the dream of many travelers. But also of someone who wants to avoid paying a mortgage and live like a true nomad. Reader’s Digest collects the interview that a retired couple had with CNN who has moved their life to a boat to forget about the burden that paying the mortgage can entail Angelyn and Richard Burk, who until May 2021 lived in Seattle, have been living their retirement on board a cruise ship for almost 2 years – although they are only 50 years old.

The Burks often schedule back-to-back cruises

Having retired early makes this lifestyle easier, but teleworking has shown in recent years that it is increasingly. An option that more and more people could have access to. I live on a cruise ship for 0 euros and I have a room with a panoramic balcony , spending brief periods ashore visiting family and friends when a cruise’s departure date does not coincide Germany Mobile Number Database with the previous cruise. As RD points out , most of the time they stay on board a cruise and take advantage of the shipping companies’ loyalty programs to obtain significant discounts.  travelers, being expert cruisers has allowed them to learn the best tricks to control their expenses when traveling by cruise . As the couple tells CNN , the daily cost fits well into their retirement budget . The couple has booked 86 days of cruising this year with an average cost of.

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In addition to these programs that reward frequent

In total, it costs the Burks euros) a year for transportation, lodging and food expenses, a figure less than. The cost of the mortgage in many places, although not all. Another option for lovers of life on board: get a mortgage on a cruise If what you want is to enjoy the sea even though it is not cheaper than paying the mortgage , you will be interested to know that a luxury Algeria phone number list cruise will allow you to live permanently on board , since Storylines is manufacturing a residential cruise that will travel the world without stop from 2025. Homes on board the MV Narrative start at around €1 million for a 22-square-metre studio apartment with a fold-down bed. If you find it too small, you can also choose to buy luxury apartments like you would find in.


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