BBVA, on the same date, had 14,917 million in deferred tax assets between its geographic markets

El Corte Inglés is considering renting the parking. Spaces in its shopping centers Carlos Galan Feced Mar Corte Inglés on Paseo de. La Castellana El Corte Inglés is considering renting some of the parking. Spaces it has in its shopping centers, for which it would rely on 2 great advantages. In addition, the Spanish giant is studying implementing more services and income opportunities in its parking lots, reports Expansión . El Corte Inglés is exploring a new business avenue with which to increase its income and improve its profitability, but it has nothing to do with the wide range of items it sells in its shopping centers. . According to Expansión , the Spanish retail giant, through the group’s corporate general management.

The opportunity he analyzes focuses this time on garages

In this sense, El Corte Inglés has 2 great advantages : many of its car parks are located in the center and important areas.  Of the cities – only in Madrid can we list examples such as those in Puerta del Sol, Callao, Goya, Serrano or along to Paseo de la Castellana—and is Russia Mobile Number Database one of the largest owners of parking spaces in Spain , with about 10,000. Why El Corte Inglés fails to be an  online giant In. Addition to renting spaces, the department stores are also studying implementing more services and income opportunities in their garages, such as car washes and chargers for electric vehicles ,  lots, according to the media. In recent years, the company has made some moves related to its parking lots. Such as integrating them with its application and payment card.

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Already present in several of their parking

To pay without going through the cashier—or the Click&car service, with which its consumers can make their. Buy online and collect it from your car in reserved areas of their parking lots. In the field of new businesses and the search for profitability, in recent times El Corte Inglés has also commissioned a cost adjustment plan to face the impact of inflation on Albania phone number list consumption, it has tried to revitalize its customer service , it has sought buyers for part of its portfolio of non-strategic assets (such as buildings, premises and offices), has reached. An agreement with Mutua related to its insurance subsidiary. And a potential IPO and has experimented with new restaurant and supermarket concepts and has created new services.

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