Marta Ortega and Inditex’s path away from fast fashion We do not recognize ourselves in ‘fast fashion'”

Attempt to distance itself from fast fashion, firmly committed to a quality product without trying. To forget the Inditex model —democratization of fashion—and strong family roots. The first interview given by Marta Ortega , after her arrival to. The presidency of the textile group, where she does not have an executive function, revolved around these 3 points. She fast fashion We has done so for the British economic media Financial Times , which includes the heiress’ first thoughts about Inditex, the textile company she founded and controlled by her father, Amancio Ortega . Marta Ortega Pérez has been officially linked to. The multinational for 16 years, but her natural love affair with the company that owns Zara or Massimo Dutti. Comes from before, as it could not be otherwise, with the bulk of her family delicate in body and soul. to the textile giant.

The annual results  presented on March 15 represent

Amancio’s daughter explains that from that childhood she remembers her father “working most of the time, but my mother. Also has two sisters and four brothers.” In fact, the entire family of Flora Pérez, Amancio’s wife, works at Inditex: “So we talked a lot Bahrain Mobile Number Database about the company,” she admits. The interview also comes at the multinational’s most golden moment .  the best  year in the history of the group after achieving a historic profit of 4,000 million euros and breaking the barrier of 32,000 million euros in sales. Inditex’s figures do not fast fashion We seem to reach a ceiling and set records year after year. As an employer, it is the soul of La Coruña, the heart and center of operations of the group.

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Ortega Pérez meanwhile chats friendly with his colleagues

Which makes it one of the most robust fashion retailers in the world, despite even having 10% fewer stores than a year ago under a program. Of commercial fast fashion We absorption started after the pandemic. And at the head of all this operation is the little Ortega family, next to her, of course, is Óscar García Maceiras, CEO of the group, who does assume an executive position. Regarding the role of the Galician, the definition made by the media is that of one more. “Her office Tunisia phone number list sits on a bank of raised white tables amidst. The female design team, distinguished only by a vase of wilting flowers.” , many of whom have been. Working in the company for several decades. “It is impossible to know what Zara is without seeing how it works inside.


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