The procedure you must do before April to earn 450 euros more pension

Those who receive a pension lower than the minimum retirement pension , permanent disability. Pension or widowhood pension , have the right to increase the amount thanks to help from Social Security. This is the complement to minimums . This Social Security benefit has the objective of alleviating the needs of the most vulnerable pensioners. This becomes key in times like the current one, in which inflation attacks the purchasing power. The minimum supplement is an extra of up to 450 euros per month . To collect it, it is necessary to meet certain income requirements and complete a procedure with Social Security before March 31. Furthermore, those who collect it and do not carry out the procedure could lose the right to aid , although only temporarily.

Requirements to collect the extra 450 euros of pension

The formula to collect 100% of what corresponds to you, even if you have contributed for fewer years It is important that you know. The requirements that you must meet to collect the extra 450 euros in the pension , in addition to. The procedures you must carry out to access it. To qualify for the minimum supplement you have to collect less than the Cyprus Mobile Number Database minimum pension and have income below 8,614.00 euros per year. Remember that the minimum pension is 783.04 euros per month in 2023, after having increased by 8.5% compared to last year. Depending on the level of income and the situation of the pensioner, the aid may remain below the maximum of 450 euros. In Spain there are 2 million people who receive the minimum supplement. This represents 25% of pensioners.

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The procedure to be carried out is the presentation

That is why he must regularly inform Social Security about his situation. This must be done by March 31. “This is the usual income control to verify the right to maintain the minimum pension supplement, since pensioners with a minimum supplement have the obligation to communicate the income they expect to obtain in the current year before March 31 of each Pakistan phone number list year if these go above the established limit”, details Social Security to Buiness Insider Spain.  of the income declaration for pensions with minimums. This management is located in the Social Security electronic headquarters. In the document you have to include. Data such as your property income, the contribution of the tax returns submitted or the assets you own. In the event that the pensioner exceeds the limit, Social Security would subsequently. Claim the amounts that have been collected improperly. This is not an immediate decision.

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