Inflation gives a truce in March: prices rise 3.3% for the first time since 2021

Everything indicated that inflation was going to give some respite in March, and so it has. The shopping basket became 3.3% more expensive this month, according to the advance of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) , published today by the INE. It is the first time that prices have fallen below 4% since August 2021 , almost 2 years ago. The vice president and Minister of Economy, Nadia Calviño, said this yesterday when she said that “everything indicates” that in March there will be a “change” and inflation will go down. The reasons behind the change have to do with the fact that the causes. That inflamed prices have disappeared, but also with a statistical effect. The causes that caused prices to rise are beginning to disappear, and their effect is seen in a moderation of the general rate.

The barrel of Brent has accumulated a drop

Raw materials such as energy or cereals, which had set the economy on fire in recent months, have begun to loosen the price rope. These products reached peak levels after the Russian invasion of Ukraine. In the last 12 months,  of more than 18% and close to 40%. But inflation hitting its ceiling again was also to be expected due to a mere statistical Costa Rica Mobile Number Database effect . March of last year was the first month in which the impact of the war in Ukraine on prices began to be felt, and inflation skyrocketed that month. The rise in prices in March of last year reached 9.8%, and since the comparison. Is year-on-year, it is inevitable that, although inflation continues to rise, it appears to be moderating. It is the so-called step effect . Has inflation peaked.


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March to the lower prices of electricity and fuel

The ‘step effect’ anticipates a moderation in the coming months that could be a mirage inflation illustration Behind. The March rise there is still the rise in food prices, which are close to record levels ( in February they rose 16.6% ), and galloping underlying Finland phone number list inflation, skyrocketing above the general rate. If in January 2022 core inflation was 2.2%, a year later it reached 7.5%. Statistics has attributed the lower growth in prices in , compared to the rebound they experienced in March 2022. This means that the storm of energy and material costs that companies were suffering has been transferring to. The final prices of the products they manufactured. While general inflation fell from 6.8% in November to 5.7% in December.

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