How much do you contribute to Social Security while collecting unemployment?

The SEPE unemployment benefit is the only aid that many people depend on. They have lost their jobs and cannot find new opportunities. Unemployment can be collected for a maximum period of 2 years, and then it is possible. To access other aid such as the subsidy for those over 52 , depending on your circumstances. But being unemployed generates certain problems that go beyond lack of income. The clearest of them has to do with the quote. Not having contributed enough to Social Security or having gaps means damage to your future pension and may even mean you have to retire later. The SEPE intends to alleviate these effects with unemployment contributions. While you are collecting unemployment benefits, you contribute to Social Security , which is good news to avoid problems in the future.

How much do you contribute while collecting unemployment?

How do I know how much unemployment I have? The amount of the SEPE benefit and the time you can collect it It is advisable. To know how much you are contributing while collecting. Unemployment in order to better plan your long-term finances. Below is an explanation of how you contribute when collecting the SEPE subsidy and to what extent it will benefit Panama Mobile Number Database you in your future pension.  The contribution when you are unemployed is 4.8% of the regulatory base , which is made up of the average of the contribution. Bases for professional contingencies of the 6 months prior to receiving the subsidy, as pointed out by El Economista. The SEPE removes 4.8% of the gross amount of unemployment and is responsible for paying it to Social Security. It is also responsible for the business contribution, which is 24.1% of the regulatory base.

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Furthermore, having parentheses or gaps in Social Security

Remember that unemployment counts as a second. Payer in the income tax return , so not only are you contributing, but you will have to settle accounts with the Treasury. This is how the SEPE contribution benefits you in your future pension To collect a contributory pension. You need to have at least 15 years of contributions. If you do not reach this amount, you will have to access a non-contributory pension , the amounts of which are much lower.  contributions France phone number list means that you will receive a lower pension , even if you far exceed those 15 years of minimum. That is why it is important to be contributing while you collect unemployment. Even if you don’t have a job, your pension will not be drastically reduced in the future, as long as you find another job.

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