This is what you must pay in your income tax return for the benefits of sports betting

It is time to review all the details of the 2023 income tax return. The process with the Treasury begins on April 11 and ends on June 30 , and you can save a lot of money thanks to it. With the personal income tax campaign some questions always arise. For example, what deductions you are entitled to , whether you will have to pay or return the result, or what benefits you should include in your income. In this last sense, you should not only pay attention to income from work, although for many taxpayers they are the most important. There are other economic benefits, such as those you obtain from renting.  A home or in other areas such as sports betting, that you must also take into account. How to apply the disability reduction in the income tax return: these are the requirements.

This applies to sports betting, games such as roulette

Many of those who have earned money thanks to betting houses or games are not aware that they must settle accounts with the Treasury. and poker. The first thing you should know are the benefits you have obtained over the past year, then you must take Argentina Mobile Number Database into account the amount that the Treasury will keep based on your earnings. These are the benefits  of betting that you must declare to the Treasury Not in all cases you have to include online betting in your income tax return. These are the thresholds that establish that you must declare them, according to La Información: . Net earnings in online games exceeding 1,000 euros, provided. That work income exceeds 22,000 euros with a single payer or euros with 2 payers.


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Net earnings that exceed euros in online games

Those with annual income less than 5,500 euros will not have to declare betting winnings, unless they exceed this figure. This may be more common in students. You must include profits in box 282 and losses in box 287. Most bookmakers allow you to download a report from your profile to see the profits you have made each year. How much do you have to pay in your tax return for online betting and games? The profits you have obtained from betting or online Bahrain phone number list games have to be added to your work income. Once the account is made, you must apply the personal income tax brackets. Personal income tax sections 2022 State type Autonomous typeTherefore.  A person who has obtained profits of 45,000 euros will not pay 37% in full, but rather this percentage applied.

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