The Zaragoza-based Libelium receives a capital investment from Kira Ventures to develop 


The Internet of Things (IOT) has the potential to be one of the main drivers of change that digital. Transformation has brought with it . Some experts from companies such as Vodafone, Xiaomi or TP-Link explained last December at an event organized by Business. Insider Spain the way in which this technology could end up being a real revolution in issues such as. The connection between cars and the houses of the future. . “I imagined going home in a car from the office any day and, when my car is 20 kilometers away, it would say ‘I turn on the heating’, when it is 3 kilometers away it would say ‘I turn on the lights’ and when it is 10 kilometers away, meters to remove the alarm”, gave as an example Alberto Domingo, Consumer Marketing Manager of TP-Link Spain. These types of synergies could occur thanks to the IOT.

Agrifood and sustainability Jaime Gonzalo Huawei

The Internet of Things is progressing and the telephone is beginning to be optional” Jaime Gonzalo, vice. President of Mobile Services at Huawei in Europe. Libelium was one of the companies nominated for the Top Insiders 2022 awards — delivered by Business Insider Spain — in the Smart Business Innovation category , a recognition that sought to highlight innovative EL Salvador Mobile Number Database companies that had stood out for their ability to reinvent themselves. The Zaragoza company has now received a capital investment from Kira Ventures , an investment firm dedicated to financial advice, project development and investment management in the field of energy transition . This capital investment seeks to reinforce Libelium’s international expansion and promote projects that the company has already launched in the Middle East.

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We share the same vision and together we can accelerate

The development and implementation of smart cities and sustainability projects that we have on. The nearest horizon,” said Alicia Asín, CEO of Libelium, through a statement.  Referring to the agreement with Kira Ventures. . The company claims to thus become a job generator, since it is going to increase the staff of its 2 headquarters in Murcia and Aragón Bahamas phone number list by 10% to face its future projects.At some point the fall in energy will have to have a downward effect on inflation. But what the analysis tells us is that energy increases will still dominate inflation in 2023,” adds Thomas. It will not be until 2024 when the effect of rising prices will be contrasted by lower energy prices. Only then will both effects cancel each other out to nullify their impact on inflation. The worst of the rate hikes is yet to come. How long will it take for them to unleash their full impact on households.

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