The price of electricity for this Thursday this is the best time to start up your appliances

The average price of electricity for Thursday, March 30, 2023, is 31.11 euros per megawatt hour (MWh) , which represents a decrease compared to the price of electricity for this Wednesday, March 29 (68.91 euros). According to data from the OMIE (the electricity market operator designated for the management of the daily and intraday. Electricity market in the Iberian Peninsula), the price of energy in Spain is 31.11 euros/MWh, to which we must add the compensation. Paid to the electricity companies, which, in this case, will be zero. The development of renewable energy will generate 8 million jobs until 2030. Regarding the maximum price of electricity for Thursday, it will be recorded. From 8 to 9, with a cost of 91 euros, lower than that of Wednesday 121.87 euros.

The price of cereals began to increase strongly

For its part, the best time to start your appliances will be between period in which. The pool price will be 0.1 euros, below Wednesday (59.1 euros). Electricity rates, per hour As for the most affordable and cheapest electricity prices for Thursday, March 30, they are as follows (without considering compensation).In February they rose by 16.6%, touching record levels, with cereals, oils and dairy products leading the increases.  in the second Paraguay Mobile Number Database half of 2021, reaching maximum levels in the first half of 2022. Since then, the best harvests in different regions have made cereals cheaper, but the increase in prices It has been transferred to the entire value chain. “Since the second half of 2021, the transfer, with a certain time lag.


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This rebound in prices in the last months of 2022

The rise in energy and grain prices increased. The cost of milk production (it was more expensive to feed the cows with feed). Added to this were months of drought, which ended up causing a drop in cow stock. In Spain “and the supply of raw milk was reduced in 2022.” As a consequence of cost increases and the lower supply of raw milk, milk sales prices at origin Azerbaijan phone number list increased significantly from the end of 2021, reaching historical highs at the end of 2022 . ” in a context of moderation. In livestock feed costs and energy costs, reflects a certain lag in the transfer of cost increases,” warns the Bank of Spain, which are the ones you see today in the supermarket . The ‘yogurt inflation’: how dairy products inflate the shopping basket. And the underlying rate Person eating yogurt on the couch 3.

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