Deutsche Bank collapses on the stock market as doubts arise about the default on its debt and its fall drags down the entire European bank

Deutsche Bank shares fell sharply this Friday amid signs that more. And more traders believe it will default on its debt . Shares of the German bank, listed in Frankfurt , have fallen around 10% to €8 per share at last check. While shares listed in the United States fell 5% and approached $8 after the market opened. The declines come after credit default swaps linked to Deutsche Bank bonds soared. To 173 basis points on Thursday, up from 142 basis points. The day before — the biggest one-day rise on record, according to Refinitiv data. . Credit default swaps are a form of insurance against issuers that fail to make scheduled payments on their debt, and the uptick means an increase in the cost of this insurance. Other European banking stocks are also down as investors remain concerned about the health of the continent’s financial institutions.

The bank’s Additional Tier 1s bonds also depreciated

In Spain, Santander and CaixaBank are the only banks that remain with a fall below 4%. Sabadell, Unicaja Banco, BBVA and Bankinter are close to 5% . These data have the Ibex losing more than 2% , half a point above the main European indices. Google European bank has another AI ‘woke’ problem with Gemini… and it’s going to be difficult to solve Deutsche Bank shares have lost almost a quarter of their value in March alone, in a context of siege to the European banking Netherlands Mobile Number Database sector that continues to be shaken by the rescue of Credit Suisse by UBS at the end of last week.  sharply this Thursday. AT1s are the highest-yielding bonds that a bank can convert into shares if its financial health falls below a certain level. Investors have dumped AT1 bonds – known as contingent convertible bonds.

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