They generate electricity with manure and use it to mine bitcoin

These farmers take full advantage of the cow. Because it is precisely that, the cow’s poop , that they use to generate. Electricity that will later (at least part of it) be used to mine bitcoin . It is not an exceptional case, but there are several examples of people who have found this alternative purpose for manure. Cow poop to mine bitcoin. One of the examples of this alternative employment.  Is that of Philip Hughes, a farmer based in Denbighshire (north of Wales). There are many generations of Hughes who have taken care of the farm, but it was Philip who decided to go further: “It is easier to manage a computer than a herd of cows and sheep,” he said when he told his story to the BBC . Why Jack Dorsey’s failure favored Elon Musk’s arrival on Twitter In a green container located on the farm.

This product, they explain, can be used to generate

Powerful computers are dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies thanks to the renewable energy obtained when a 6-cylinder engine (at 500 rpm) transforms the methane that is released from the decomposition of manure from the farms. cows in electricity .  heat or energy, but, if not put to some use, it would go into the atmosphere where it is “a powerful Bolivia Mobile Number Database greenhouse gas .” Hughes uses 2 thirds of the electricity generated by cow excrement to power the farm, and the rest goes directly to the machines that are dedicated to mining cryptocurrencies , specifically, mining ethereum. Another farmer, in this case from Ireland and named Tom Campbell, also uses cow manure for cryptocurrency mining.

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Bitcoin they generate is equivalent to planting 565 trees.

Cow dung for renewable electricity: a new biogas plant could supply 2,200 homes. A year As reported in this Cointelegraph article , this person produces renewable energy with a system known as anaerobic digestion , thanks to which he decomposes biodegradable material to create methane gas , with which he produces electricity. bitcoin they generate is equivalent  to planting 565 trees., but the remainder. Goes directly to bitcoin mining. Green Data Chain, the Bulgaria phone number list company that mines bitcoin with pig excrement Green Data Chain is a company located in Lleida that powers the computers on its mining farm with pig excrement . In it, according to a report for RTVE , there are 16 computers that work 24/7. They assured that each bitcoin they generate is equivalent to planting 565 trees.

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