This is how Inditex manufactured in the best year in its history

I always liked those who were called monsters: people who, in reality, stood out and were beautiful,” said designer Jean-Paul Gaultier. Inditex , the company now led by Marta Ortega , is a textile monster that today does not seem. To have a roof and does not hide from it either. The group that owns Zara has closed the best year in its history after achieving a historic profit of 4,000 million euros and breaking the barrier of 32,000 million euros in sales. It has also done so with the smallest production chain in recent years. From its latest annual report (2022 data) it appears that the multinational’s supply chain was made up of 1,729 suppliers , a level that returns to values ​​from 7 years ago. The number of factories, for its part, has fallen by more than.

How Inditex manufactured in the best year in its history

Tons of product placed on the market. In his best year he had managed to move around A figure in line with equally historic sales, but which, however, it has managed to counterbalance what until now had been one of its secret weapons: local manufacturing . The Galician giant worked in 2022 with 1,729 direct suppliers, that is, suppliers that Ecuador Mobile Number List assume an annual production of more than 20,000 units in the different campaigns. They did so located in 50 different markets and used 8,271 factories to manufacture their products: the majority – 3,200 – assumed spinning and weaving processes. In sum, the entire production chain employed more than 3 million people. To find a similar level of suppliers, we must look back to 2015, when Inditex used 1,725 ​​suppliers. In 2022 alone, Inditex had 61 fewer suppliers than the previous year. Something similar happens with factories.

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Domingo Esteves, member of the expert committee

In 2019, the company founded by Amancio Ortega used 8,155 factories, a figure that grew exponentially in the following years. Now, Now, the step back is a fact: the drop in the number of factories. Compared to last year is estimated at 485 factories.  of the Spanish Retail Association (AER), insists that, despite the considerable drop, it is by no means “a virgin strategy” nor Brazil phone number list exclusive to the textile giant. “There are many of the large chains that are trying. To do the same,” explains the manager, who speaks after having spent. Almost three decades in the textile industry and having held the position of CEO of C&A for Spain and Portugal. With which country did Inditex cut its commercial relationship the most? Inditex’s supply chain has been organized for decades through 12 clusters.

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