The Swedish giant places Madrid as the global laboratory to test its stores of the future

Ikea’s kilometer zero is in Spain: the store located in the Madrid municipality of Alcorcón will become. The global laboratory of the Swedish decoration giant, according to what the company itself announced this Wednesday. Specifically, it will be the interior of the establishment, one of the first with which the group entered the domestic market, that will house the eXperience Lab: the company’s first and only digital testing laboratory. The project, already operational and which has involved. An investment close to one million euros , was born with the task of testing on a global level. What the Ikea stores of the future will be like. To do this, eXperience Lab will test each of the variables involved in the group’s commercial staging in an area of ​​180 square meters: from the design process to the implementation of new digital solutions.

The laboratory has been promoted jointly by Ikea Spain

The internal codes used by Ikea workers and other secrets of the Swedish giant.  The main objective of the laboratory. The company specifies, is to generate experiences leveraged in innovation so that they can test first-hand and validate the solutions. That will constitute the Ikea stores of the future. And in it, digital will have an important role: “The eXperience Lab aims to be different from typical innovation laboratories, because it prioritizes. The user experience over technology,” explains Alfonso Negrete, head of Ikea’s digital business in Spain. .  and Ingka Digital Spain, one of the 4 global hubs owned by the Ingka Group, the group’s parent company, which has Conduit Cn Mobile Number List already made the Madrid market a pioneer in this regard. In this way, in this kind of pilot store, solutions that are devised in these 4 operational cores will be tested.

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