Alibaba wants 10,000 Spanish brands to enter its platform: “We can be one of the solutions to increase their exports”

Cipriani relates that, when he joined the company, he was in charge of opening the Southern Europe office in Milan and Madrid in 2015, at which time Alibaba decided to start its internalization process . The senior executive defends that a differentiating factor of Alibaba is that it offers brands total freedom on its platforms to set issues such as price, product, discounts or logistics: “This is very important because it allows organizations to build their brands and have a direct connection with end consumers”. “We have 1.3 billion consumers , 85% of them under 35 years of age, that is, a very young generation,” says Cipriani. Their activity in Spain began 7 years ago, according to the manager, at which time they focused specifically on Tmall , a B2C ( business-to- consumer) platform , which was dedicated to selecting the most important ones that were ready to export to the Chinese market . Alibaba launches Miravia in Spain, a ‘marketplace’ focused on entertainment where you can try on makeup virtually Miravia.

Alibaba’s director for Southern Europe explains

Then we started to develop a local ecosystem, says Cipriani, referring to proposals such as AliExpress, Miravia and the most recent : “It was the first platform of the Alibaba ecosystem. It all started from, in China, with “Jack Ma.”  that this new marketplace is a space that “allows suppliers to be connected to each other with millions Changsha Mobile Number List of buyers around the world.” “These buyers are not only in China, most of them are in the United States, South America, Europe, Australia… We have 40 million buyers from more than 150 countries ,” he says. This is where the agreement signed between this B2B platform – business-to- business – and DHL Express Spain comes in . According to Cipriani, this agreement is part of Alibaba’s commitment to ” support Spanish SMEs and microenterprises ” so that they are able to reach the Asian market.

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Furthermore the Alibaba manager defends that

An achievement that for now has been reserved for large companies: “This platform was born with exactly that mission: to facilitate the task of doing business anywhere in the world for a really small company .” “I am super convinced that we are only at the beginning and I believe that B2B can be a great success ,” says the senior executive. “The Spanish Panama phone number list market is full of SMEs and I think we can be one of the right solutions for them to increase their exports.” entering “is very cheap.” “If you take into account when a company attends a fair for 4 days, 5 days… the cost is the stand, the hotel, the trip, the equipment… It is 10 times less,” he maintains, adding that euros ,more or less, for a year” you can enter their platform. “In Spain there are more than companies that export,” says Cipriani. “We have the goal of 10,000 Spanish brands entering our platform.


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