How to request the new baby check of 100 euros and who has the right to request it

The Government has approved the new aid of 100 euros per child . The big difference with respect to the previous one is that all families in Spain that have descendants. From 0 to 3 years old can apply for this check. The aid belongs to the Family Law, which has been developed by the Ministry of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, and whose objective is to increase benefits and paid leave. In the event that you have just had a child or one that is going to be born soon, you should know all the aid to which you are entitled for dependent minors. Surely you already know about the 200 euro subsidy for vulnerable. Families or the deduction of up to 2,400 euros in the income tax return for families. The financial aid for workers (employed or unemployed) that you can request in 2024 However.

Below is an explanation of who can request the new aid of 100 euros per child and how to apply. Who can request the new baby check? The main novelty of the baby check is that it has become universal. All families with children between 0 and 3 years old can apply for the benefit , regardless of their financial resources. Until now, the aid of 100 euros per child could be received by women who were working as self-employed or employed. Now families who are Uruguay Mobile Number Database collecting SEPE unemployment benefits can also do so . Parents of the same sex are also added, and the father or legal guardian in the event of the death of the mother. Public aid, subsidies, scholarships and benefits that you can request in 2023 The baby check will reach 250,000 new families , , according to La Información.

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The subscription can be requested in advance

This is how you can request the new financial aid for descendants. From 0 to 3 years old: Via electronic means: you have to enter this section of the Treasury. Electronic headquarters and identify yourself with an electronic DNI or digital certificate. Next, you must fill out and submit the application, which must include your personal information and bank account Belize phone number list number. By phone: by calling 901 200 347, you will have to provide your bank account number, Social Security affiliation number. And the amount of the general taxable base of the personal income tax return. In-person appointment: you have to fill out the application at home. And deliver it to a Treasury office, making an appointment. , so you would receive the payment of 100 euros in the account you have indicated.


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