These are the changes to the pension reform that will come into force on April 1

The second part of the pension reform comes into force on April 1. This new package of measures brings new features that you should take into account. Some of the changes that you should be aware of are the increase in minimum contributory pensions , the new dual model to determine the amount of your pension or the regularization of the coverage of contribution gaps. In addition, there are significant modifications to the Intergenerational Equity Mechanism (MEI). This element is intended to ensure the sustainability of the pension system in the coming years. Who receives the widow’s pension and how much they receive if there have been several couples These changes not only interest you if you are a pensioner or if you are going to retire soon. To a greater or lesser extent, the pension reform affects the entire population.

Social Security keeps the 324 months with the best

This is how the dual model works to determine the amount of your pension This change in the pension calculation will directly affect. The amount you will receive when you retire. Once the reform is approved, you must choose between 3 options to calculate the regulatory base: Last 25 years of contributions : Social Security chooses the last 300 months of the Jamaica Mobile Number Database contribution base and divides them by 350, since the contribution bases are annual and are distributed over 12 months. Last 29 years of contributions: Social Security chooses the last 348 months and divides them by 406. Last 29 years of contributions, removing the 2 worst :  contributions and divides by 378. You have one week to complete this procedure with Social Security and not lose part of your pension Workers will be able to choose the option of discarding the worst retirement years.

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The gender pension gap complement will rise

Something that could not be done until now. Increase in minimum contributory pensions The minimum contributory pensions will increase progressively between 2024 and 2027. This measure is already included in the BOE and comes into force on April 1. The increase will be above the CPI . In fact, the objective is that in 2027 the minimum contributory pension will be 16,500 euros per year , 22% more than now. Coverage of contribution gaps is Benin phone number list regulated by 10% between 2024 and 2025. In the case of gaps, contribution gaps will continue to be compensated with 100% of the minimum base during the first 4 years. For employed women, 100% of the minimum base is added between empty months 40 and 60. To this must be added 80% of the minimum base between months 61 and 84. Changes in the Intergenerational Equity Mechanism (MEI) The Intergenerational Equity Mechanism.

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