This is how inflation is making calling elections more expensive

Spain is once again entering the electoral cycle and. That also implies a significant investment of public money that many. Contractors are trying to take advantage of at all costs. It is not just about organizing them – the budget for the April 2019 general election was close to 140 million euros – it is about providing them with all the services and materials necessary for them to go perfectly. The Government has begun to award contracts such as the purchase of ballot boxes, booths and envelopes. These purchases comply with the framework agreements that the Executive convenes every 4 years —for each electoral cycle—, which are actually two: a framework. Agreement for the purchase of materials and another framework agreement for the hiring of technological platforms for the elections. provisional.

The framework agreements cited are those of the central

These framework agreements are an instrument with which the Administration speeds up its contracting : it establishes prior. Guidelines so that contracts related to the same event—an election—have similar characteristics. Thus, it finds reference suppliers for the elections and puts limits on the offers that contractors will be able to submit.  government for A Complete List Of Unit Mobile Number List the elections. That correspond to them in this cycle, which are the municipal and general ones, but also the European ones of 2024. The autonomous communities, for their part, can participate in these framework agreements – it is a mechanism that favors. The centralization of public procurement—or call their own agreements or directly put out to tender the services they need for their electoral processes.

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The other framework agreement the one aimed

The logjam in salary increases lights the union fire: a hot spring is coming. The central government’s framework agreement for. The purchase of electoral material for these municipal, general and European elections. Had an estimated initial value of 10.9 million euros. The crisis unleashed by the war in Ukraine and the rise in prices, especially in stationery, has meant Portugal phone number list that several lots of this. Agreement were deserted in its first calls. Finally, the value of the offers accepted in the lots of this framework agreement has grown by just over 2% to 11.2 million euros. It’s not much, but the increase in price doesn’t stop there. At hiring technological platforms that speed up scrutiny, had an estimated value of 36.3 million euros. It has finally been awarded to Indra for million.


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