Lidl earned 190 million euros, the best result in its history in Spain, before inflation

Lidl closed 2021, the year after the pandemic, with historic results . Although most supermarket chains saw their businesses grow in 2020 due to covid-19 and mobility restrictions, the German chain experienced. That sweet moment a year later and just result in its history before the outbreak of the highest inflation in the country . According to the accounts deposited by Lidl in the Commercial Registry. The company closed 2021 with a profit of 190 million euros , which represents a year-on-year growth. Of But not only that, this profitability is also the highest since Lidl landed in Spain in 1994, surpassing the 172.6 million it reaped in 2019. In addition, the German supermarket’s net margin also grew by 6 tenths. More than the previous year, while the operating margin reached 4.77%. However, as reported by Cinco Días.

Although these results are before the increase in prices. Caused by inflation and the rise in the cost of energy , which has meant that supermarket chains have had to pass on part of that increase to users , Lidl has also spoken out on the matter. . Last December, the List Of US Mobile Number List corporate general director of Lidl in Spain, Ferran Figueras, stated that 2022 has been an “atypical” year, and that this inflation situation was going result in its history to mean that maintaining the results of 2021 would be difficult. “There is significant pressure throughout the sector. We are all suffering higher costs. We have made an effort to contain prices , we hope as much as possible to do so,” said Figueras.  even rethought its entire investment strategy for opening new stores. Just before 2021, before the whole earthquake in the sector began.

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Lidl aims to have 800 stores throughout the country

The German supermarket company made public its goal of investing 1.5 billion in Spain to open 150 stores by 2024 . Mercadona, Carrefour, Lidl and more supermarket hours. For December 31 and January 1 “We have to see if, when the time comes, it makes sense. To run too much,” explained Ferran Figueras, whose goal is much more ambitious. by 2024. During Ukraine phone number list that year, Lidl continued with the planned growth rate of its network of establishments. Lidl allocated 352 million to increase the number of stores. This has meant result in its history that, for the first time, the chain exceeded 1,000 million in debt to credit institutions . Specifically, it reached 1,206.8 million, a growth of 23.4% compared to the previous year. During this period, Lidl has signed 14 loans to finance its expansion, for a total of 515 million, and with various entities.

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