The change in the income tax return that will harm all cryptocurrency users

The 2023 income tax return campaign begins on April 11 and ends on June 30 . Taxpayers must be attentive to all tax news that will affect them. Some of the most important changes are the reduction of the contribution to pension plans, which goes from 2,000 to 1,500 euros , the extension of the maternity deduction , which reaches mothers who do not carry out professional activity, or the modifications in the personal income tax of some autonomous communities. But be careful, this is not the only thing you should be. Aware of in the 2023 income tax return: this year there is a novelty that affects all cryptocurrency users and that can harm you. The Treasury has imposed an important limitation on the compensation. Of property losses due to operations with cryptoassets, according to Expansión.

The requirements for tenants and owners

For the 2023 income campaign , the Treasury classifies these assets as “homogeneous assets” . This means that there is now a limit for its repurchase of 2 months or 1 year in order to benefit from the capital loss in personal income tax. How to deduct Northeast Mobile Number List your rent in your 2023 income tax return: these are  It must be taken into account  want to obtain short-term profits, and this limitation prevents them from being able to immediately compensate for financial losses . This is how the Treasury limits the compensation of property losses with cryptocurrencies Until now, the Treasury allowed losses to be offset even if operations with cry were carried out in short periods of time. With this change, traders are equated with investors, who must wait 2 months. From when they sell an asset until they buy it again to compensate for losses.

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That traders who operate with cryptocurrencies

The Treasury’s objective is to put limits on possible fraud, taking into account that some. Traders could pay less taxes through these operations. In this way, a taxpayer who has suffered losses with his cryptoasset operations will not be able to pay less Uruguay phone number list taxes using the profits obtained, unless a certain period of time elapses before doing so. This regulatory change comes from an administrative doctrine of.  The General Directorate of Taxes (DGT), which in 2018 analyzed the effects on. The personal income tax of taxpayers who compensated for property losses in cryptocurrency operations. The doctrine already pointed out that these currencies have. The nature of homogeneous goods, so they should not be able to compensate for losses immediately.

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