Santander will distribute the highest bonus in Spanish banking

Santander is going to distribute almost 500 million among 1,029 senior officials grouped under the identified group label, according to  . To be exact, 498.6 million euros of the 621 million that it adds together with BBVA and Caixa Bank . The figure is  higher than what the bank distributed in 2021 (394 million euros). And it represents of the profit . The majority of Banco Santander ‘s variable remuneration belongs to retail banking: 273.1 million euros of the total among 619 senior officials. The investment bank will distribute 89.7 million among 100 managers. And the Corporate Functions area is responsible for 61.3 million for 59 members. Last year, the bank also increased the number of its executives who earn more than one million euros, taking into account both fixed salary and variable remuneration.

In the new variable remuneration system

The annual increase was  after going from a group of 202 people in 2021 to 278 in 2022. Santander seeks to “beat the market” The bank has set out to be the best in all the markets in which it operates and has its management looking in the same direction, with incentives on par with the first in the ranking. Santander made it explicit in its remuneration Pakistan Mobile Number Database report that it wanted the teams to push to exceed the annual budget, but also to beat the market . , the bank has introduced a “relative performance multiplier” with which it will evaluate its managers based on 3 categories: business transformation, profitability and capital. The amount that will be collected in cash remains at  and the other  can be received in shares or  in shares and the other half in options, as announced on Investor Day.

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This figure weighs little more than  on the entities’

To date, in Spain it is the banking group that distributes the most money among its senior officials by far. Aena achieves a record profit of 1,630.8 million, which improves last year’s figure by  BBVA will distribute 89 million. And CaixaBank 33.8 The bonus that the 3 big banks will distribute this year is 22 higher than in 2021. But BBVA and CaixaBank will El Salvador phone number list distribute significantly less than the group chaired by Ana Botín. In 2022, BBVA has a variable remuneration of 89 million for 320 senior officials. CaixaBank, 33.8 million for 284 positions in this group.  results for the year  in the case of BBVA and  in the other entity. Both also have a million dollar dome. BBVA pays more than one million euros to 56 senior officials —3 more than in 2021. CaixaBank.


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