How to promote the Spain brand as a foreign investment destination

Legal security, innovation and flexibility, global competitiveness, environmental sustainability, employability and great State pacts. These are some of the proposals that the Multinational Association with Spain has presented. In its latest report to promote an environment.  Favorable to the attraction and growth of foreign multinationals. In 2022, foreign investment in our country exceeded 34,178 million euros in gross terms, the second highest figure. recorded in the historical series, according to data published in the DataInvex. Foreign Investment Registry and collected by the Ministry of Industry . The importance of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) can be more easily reflected. When it is translated into the number of jobs it generates in our country : “The 11,722 subsidiaries of global companies in Spain, according to INE data corresponding to 2020, generate a total of 1.8 million direct jobs.

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Brussels sends a first warning to Spain for its delay in adapting a directive that speeds up and provides more transparency in business mergers Furthermore, if indirect jobs are added, the figure rises to 4.4 million workers, representing close to 25% of the total number of employed people , with a salary 29% higher than the national average for other companies. The headwinds of the economy and the fear of a global recession , without forgetting the war in Indonesia Mobile Number Database Ukraine , are factors of instability that paralyze investment .  controlled by governments, there are still other measures to build a more conducive environment for more FDI. Such is the importance of foreign investment in our country that Multinationals with Spain have collected their proposals in the form of a decalogue , proposed so that the political.

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But for this the political situation has to be conducive

From the Association they are ambitious and point out that “with the measures deemed appropriate, for which. We propose those included in this document, Spain should aspire to lead the attraction of global investment in the coming years .” . 2 of the points raised by the Association require State pacts on. Which the majority of parties would have to agree , thus shielding stability in aspects as important as education or innovation. Job creation totals 117,049 people Egypt phone number list and is heading for the best quarter in the historical. Series These are the 10 proposals put forward by Multinationals with Spain to attract.  More global investment: 1 — Create and execute a Plan to Attract Global Investment. To Spain 2024-2030 (ATRAE) with the objective of doubling the 2022 investment by that date. 2 — Prioritize stability and security, both personal.

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