This is how the banking crisis affects the employment of younger people on Wall Street

This is precisely what is happening in the United States and Europe, where young people. Aspiring to enter investment banking are very concerned. Silicon Valley Bank , which had an investment banking department, fell first. Then, the confidence problem took its toll on Credit Suisse, which was acquired in a forced sale by UBS . Why UBS’s deal with Credit Suisse threatens its dominance over wealthy clients UBS and Credit Suisse. In Spain we have not seen anything similar, although it is true that in 2022, the big banks cut their workforce by between 5% and 10%, despite their historical profits . Without a doubt, it is not a very flattering fact. Students are wondering who will be next and whether their jobs for next summer will be affected, according to a finance professor, a student with an analyst job at Credit Suisse and a Wall Street recruiting consultant.

Given signs that what happened on Wall Street could spread to

I think there’s a sense of unease in the world of finance,” says Asif Rahman, co-founder of career coaching company Office Hours. According to Rahman, he and his colleagues have been receiving calls from concerned customers all week. “I’m getting Bahamas Mobile Number Database calls from people worried about their incorporation being delayed or cancelled,” he adds.  other entities, the investment bank William Blair has delayed the incorporation dates of new first-year analysts from summer to fall, according to several sources. The delay coincides with the March job cuts that have already been communicated. The company declined to speak to Business Insider . In SVB’s investment banking arm , new first-year analysts have been told that their jobs are secured.

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A new analyst comments that he has not yet received official

But that may be little consolation given that the firm’s parent company, SVB Financial, recently filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection under the U.S. Bankruptcy Law as it seeks to sell its assets. “We have been in touch with all of our new analysts and interns. We have confirmed that we look forward to welcoming them this summer,” an SVB Securities Bosnia and Herzegovina phone number list spokesperson told Business Insider . “The only thing we cannot give you complete clarity about is what will happen in the future. But we maintain communication with interns and analysts to update the information as soon as we have it,” says the spokesperson. As for Credit Suisse ,  communication from the bank. About the status of his position, whose incorporation is scheduled for within 3 months.

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