The 10 most important news in the world right now

This is how Inditex manufactured in the best year in its history: more garments. Than ever, but without so much proximity and with a tighter production chain . Inditex has closed the best year in its history with the smallest number of suppliers and factories in recent years. Portugal, a key ally for a long time, has lost weight compared to other territories, which calls into question the local production strategy that the group has always boasted. Pedro Sánchez calls on China to open up so as not to force the EU to close itself to the Asian giant . The President of the Government has launched a speech against protectionism in which he calls on the Chinese to open themselves. To European investments if they do not want the reaction to their closure to be for. The EU to also protect itself by closing itself to Chinese investments.

Those responsible for Meta are studying banning political advertisements

I have seen 40 presidents in a week and no one wants economic fragmentation or war. Tech CEOs admire Elon Musk, but they should really look at Tim Cook . Amazon and Meta have announced a second round of massive layoffs, making the lack of cuts at Apple even more striking. Experts attribute the good situation of the iPhone manufacturer to Belize Mobile Number Database Tim Cook’s leadership style, and assure that managers should start paying more attention to him and not so much to Elon Musk.  in Europe . The parent company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp fears that its platforms cannot. Comply with the European regulations prepared by the European. Union on political campaigns on the internet.

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Google and DeepMind, under the Alphabet

The company is considering the veto given that the income generated by these ads is small compared to its business in general, highlights the Financial Times .  umbrella, put aside grudges and join forces to pursue OpenAI . OpenAI’s success in overtaking Google with an AI-powered chatbot has achieved what seemed impossible in the past: it has forced Bolivia phone number list the two AI research teams within Google parent Alphabet to overcome years of intense rivalry. to work together, according to The Information . Microsoft will include artificial intelligence chatbot ads within Bing . Microsoft is “exploring” the possibility of including ads in the responses. Offered by Bing chat, its new search agent based on OpenAI’s GPT-4. Although these sponsored responses are clearly labeled as such, it’s worth wondering. How far we’ve come from the old search engine ad model, TechCrunch muses.


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