According to an analysis by Bersin and Associates, a company engaged in research in the world of HR, companies that are able to attract and manage talented specialists receive 26% more profit compared to their competitors. In the field of intelligent business technologies. The success of companies directly depends on creative individuals, On their unique skills, knowledge and ideas. Of course, managing a team of creative personalities. Exclusion of general control requires a specific approach from the manager, which includes various nuances and rules.

Exclusion of general control

If you find the “key” to such a team format, you Europe Mobile Number List can be sure that business profits will multiply. Pareto’s law works in life and business. Its essence is quite simple: 20% of the effort brings 80% of the result,  The other 80% of the effort leads to only 20% of success. Thus, creative employees are affected by another version of this law – 60:30:10. Where 10% belongs to the creators who drive the business forward. 

Development together with the group

The greatest percentage of effort comes Belize phone number list  from such Asubordinates. They are able to create the face and name of the brand, make it unique, memorable and recognizable. They also generate fresh ideas. By implementing them, the company can quickly overtake competitors. And if the management understands this, and the management of creative teams in the company is developed at a high level, then success and increased profits are guaranteed.This 20% requires as much as 80% of the time and effort. This type of work involves the investment of huge emotional resources.

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