The 10 most important news in the world right now

This is how inflation is making calling elections more expensive . Spain will hold municipal elections in May and general elections in December and the Government is already awarding the public contracts necessary to hold them. The initial value that was estimated for the large framework agreements that bring together many of these purchases has become more expensive at the same rate as inflation, 8.4%. Companies focus on protecting their profits and fueling the inflationary spiral in the euro zone . Companies increase their margins thanks to spiraling prices. For months it was feared that it was salary increases that could accelerate the increase in the CPI, highlights El País . “It is difficult to differentiate price-wage spirals from price-profit spirals, because companies not only set their sales prices based on their current production costs, but also on expectations.

The approximately 50 members of the team have lost

A year after the division was created, plans for Disney’s metaverse. Strategy remained vague, although the company had hinted that the technology could have. Applications in theme park attractions and other consumer experiences. Winners and losers of ‘e-fuel’: the EU will allow the sale of cars that use synthetic fuels beyond 2035 . After pressure from Germany and Italy, the European Union has decided to lift the veto on selling combustion cars from 2035, as long  as they use synthetic fuels. Companies like Porsche or Repsol benefit from a measure that harms other Colombia Mobile Number Database companies such as Tesla, Iberdrola or Wallbox, which had opposed the change. Four JPMorgan charts that put the banking crisis and the end of the technology recession in context . Bank failures are worrying investors, who fear another crisis similar to the one in 2008. But Jacob Manoukian of JPMorgan Private Bank says not to be distracted by all the noise.

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The expert hopes that there will even be more opportunities

The layoffs in large technology companies have left a very bitter aftertaste for employees. They have felt mistreated by their former bosses after years of loyalty. Many former Google or Meta employees explain that they were fired while on maternity. Leave or that their accounts were suddenly blocked, which has blurred what was for years the dream of Silicon Valley. Elon Australian phone number list Musk  announces a revolution on Twitter that will prioritize users who pay for the subscription . Starting April 15, only verified users will be able to be recommended to other users and vote in polls. Under this policy, posts from non-paying accounts will not be included in the ‘For You’ section of recommended tweets. Musk claims these changes are “the only realistic way to deal with advanced AI bots.” Can a machine know that we know what it knows? Mind reading is common among us humans.


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