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Disney celebrates 3 years in Spain, the platform that managed to consolidate itself in the market and strengthen a line of original local productions despite a late arrival . Disney has had to adapt to an increasingly saturated market, disruptive technologies and a viewer who is much more difficult to seduce today. Unlike Netflix, Disney+ has turned out to be a conservative platform in terms of volume, but in recent months it has accelerated the production of several original content made in Spain . Attacks on public buildings during a day of riots in France that left 149 officers injured and 172 arrested . The authorities registered 140 fires in Paris, most of them using street furniture. Or mountains of garbage accumulated after two weeks of collection strike. In Bordeaux, the fight against the pension reform has ended with the burning of the entrance to the City Hall.

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Shou Zi Chew testified yesterday before the US Congress amid calls for a forced sale or ban of the app. Lawmakers grilled the CEO about TikTok’s ties to China and its content moderation policies. According to analysts, the appearance did not serve to change the limbo in which TikTok finds itself in the United States. Spanish banks face the crisis with a shield of 157,000 million. And serves as an argument for banks to defend their solvency at the most delicate Portugal Mobile Number Database moment for entities in at least a decade. The firewall figure depends on the size: Santander adds 73,350 million, compared to 42,485 million for BBVA, 27,447 million for CaixaBank, 9,983 million for Sabadell and 4,343 million for Bankinter, explains La Vanguardia . Google Bard is already behind in the AI ​​war with OpenAI and Microsoft . Users in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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Why Apple and Amazon are spending billions on theatrical releases . Apple plans to invest 1 billion a year in films that will be shown exclusively in theaters. A few months ago Amazon committed to bringing between 12 and 15 movies to theaters a year. For Apple and Amazon, this is not exactly a benevolent attempt to help battered. Movie theaters, but rather a way to promote their respective streaming services , explains Variety.  On how to improve the GDPR after 5 years in force, and many eyes are directed to Ireland . The Irish Data Protection Commission Belize phone number list has been accused on several. Occasions of slowing down the cases it has had open. Against technology multinationals such as Meta. The European telecom employers’ association asks for more agility while thetechnology lobby defends that the rights of the defendants be respected.

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